Why ‘pelvis’ is now the medical term for a vertebra

Why ‘pelvis’ is now the medical term for a vertebra

A pelvis is an extremely broad structure that is often overlooked by people.

It is often confused with the fibrous bones and cartilage in the knees.

But when it comes to the treatment of osteoarthritis (OA), the term ‘pelvis’ now applies to a very specific type of fibrous bone structure called an osteoarthropoid (OA) bone.

This means that the term is no longer just a description of the shape of the bone itself.

Instead, it describes a particular type of collagen and cartilaginous matrix that forms on the bone, the structure that provides strength and supports the joints.

The term ‘OA’ means ‘bone’.

It can be hard to imagine the complexity of what makes up the complex structure of an osteochondoid (or ‘patella’), especially as the term has never been used for a whole range of conditions.

The structure of the knee ligaments is a very complex and complex tissue.

It can have hundreds of ligaments, tens of thousands of muscles, and tens of billions of nerve fibres.

It is a complicated tissue, and therefore there is an immense amount of potential for a disease to develop in its vicinity.

In addition to the myriad different types of ligament, there are tens of millions of nerve cells that are involved in the communication between these ligaments and the rest of the body.

The development of any new type of disease requires that these nerve cells have a clear understanding of how they are connected.

The main reason for this is that the communication in a joint is incredibly complex and dependent on the activity of a number of different cells and their interactions.

It may be that the nerve cells involved in a specific joint are doing the best they can to make the joint function normally, while the cells involved elsewhere are trying to maintain a normal state of activity.

There are two main reasons why it is so important for nerve cells to have a knowledge of how the joint is doing, and how they can communicate with one another.

These two reasons are called joint dynamics and joint afferents.

The first reason is the complex interaction of the different cells involved.

The joint is a highly complex tissue, with a variety of joints interacting with each other.

The joints are so interconnected that they form a whole system, a ‘joint system’ or ‘jungle’.

When the cells in the joint interact with each another, they are constantly changing their activity in response to the signals from their neighbours.

In other words, as the cells change their activity, the joint system changes in response too.

This can have a huge impact on the joint.

In osteoarrtholders, this can be especially pronounced, as this is the time when the joint will most often be affected.

The more cells that can communicate and work together, the better.

The more the joint can change in response, the more likely that it is to become damaged.

This means that more of the cell body is being exposed to the outside environment, which means that it will be more likely to be damaged.

When the body tries to fix the joint, it has a number, or ‘pathway’, of different pathways that it can use to move in the direction of repairing the joint as it gets damaged.

These pathways can include the fibres that line the joint in the joints fibres, the fibreglass that forms the joint and the matrix that surrounds it.

This matrix of fibres and fibreglasses helps the joint to stay flexible, and it also helps to form the joint into the right shape when the bone gets damaged, so that it stays flexible.

However, there is a third type of pathway that can be used to change the behaviour of the cells and the joint when it is damaged.

It’s called the ‘path of least resistance’ (LOAR), and this is where the cell is working to make sure that the cells can’t get damaged again.

This pathway of least contact between the cells has the effect of causing the cells to stay connected.

The cell is not trying to change behaviour, it is simply trying to keep the cells together, even when the cell that is trying to communicate has the opportunity to do so.

When this happens, the cell remains connected because it can’t move away from the cell it is working with, so it stays connected, and that is where it becomes an OA.

The condition of OA, also called ‘bone age’, is a common condition.

It causes the ligaments of the hip and knee to grow.

The joint then becomes unstable and cannot be used.

The ligaments are too weak to keep up with the demands of the daily life that they were meant to perform.

The bone age can be caused by many different conditions, but usually it is due to damage to the cartilage that forms around the joint or a loss of cartilage or fibres in the knee.

There is some research that has

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