How to get a pelvic fracture after surgery

How to get a pelvic fracture after surgery

I have had a pelvis fracture.

My GP told me that it was the result of a fracture in my pelvis and that it would need surgery to repair it.

I did not have a surgeon, I had no doctor and I did have no support system.

I was in constant pain, constantly vomiting, having to go to hospital to have a tube inserted in my back, my pelvises pelvis was not healing.

I felt hopeless and that I had nothing to show for my hard work and I had lost everything.

I started to lose weight and was in a constant state of anxiety.

I tried to give myself time to recover, but I was unable to.

I lost my job, my relationships, my independence, my self-esteem, my confidence, my pride.

The more I struggled, the more my body was rejecting me.

I stopped going to my GP, stopped visiting the hospital.

I couldn’t even get to work.

I went into self-harm.

I began to see my GP more frequently, but every time she asked about my recovery, she would tell me it was going well.

The reality of the situation was that my body had rejected me.

My body rejected my pain, my anxiety, my depression.

I needed to be able to talk about it to get help.

So I started going to see people, seeking support, and it was at that time that I realised that there is no one-size-fits-all for my body.

When I started looking for support, I realised how many women I know who have lost their pelvices pelvis because of this injury have suffered so much and it is a very, very, sad situation.

I wanted to help them, I wanted them to be empowered, I just wanted them support and to be heard.

There is no magic bullet for recovery from a pelvic injury.

Some women can only do one of the following: have a full pelvic reconstruction and the pelvis must be surgically repaired or reconstructed completely

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