Horses are not the only animal that can help protect Israel from climate change

Horses are not the only animal that can help protect Israel from climate change

Horses, cattle, goats, and bison are among the animals that can contribute to the health of Israel’s water resources.

This is according to a study by Israel’s National Water Resources Institute (INRI) published last week in the journal Environmental Science and Technology.

The study, published in the scientific journal Environmental Research Letters, examined the health and economic value of the animals in Israel.

“The main conclusion we can draw from this study is that livestock and goats provide important benefits for Israel’s climate,” study author Yitzhak Shukri, a biologist at INRI, told Haaretz.

“This is true even if we exclude the environmental benefits of using the animals for human consumption.

Livestock are also good for the environment, as they can help maintain the climate, which is critical to the sustainability of agriculture and the natural environment.”

Shukria, who also holds a PhD in environmental biology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, conducted the study with his colleague and fellow biologist Dr. Yehuda Geva, who specializes in the health impacts of climate change.

Shukrie’s team used data from a study conducted in Israel in 2011, which revealed that the health benefits of grazing and dairy animals are greater than the benefits of sheep and goats.

“We found that, for the dairy and the beef industries, the health effects of animals are larger than the health or economic benefits,” Shukrio told Ha’aretz.

For the dairy industry, the benefits were higher than for other industries, including the beef industry.

Shrukri explained that the livestock industry relies on the water from the surrounding lands and on the animals to produce milk, which makes the animals more valuable.

“A herd of cattle can be worth about 50 times more than a herd of sheep, and a herd that has a few cows is worth more than one that has none,” Shrui told HaKronews.

The researchers also studied the health, productivity, and environmental impacts of different animal species, including cattle, sheep, goats and bisons.

The health benefits that cattle and goats contribute to Israel’s economy are not limited to the land they graze on, Shukara said.

“There is also the environmental benefit,” he said.

For instance, grazing on the plains of Israel can lead to a reduction in the amount of pollution that is released from agricultural land, and that is why Israel’s dairy farms are so important to the country’s economy.

“For the sake of our climate and for the benefit of the country, it is important to manage the environment for the future,” Shushani added.

In addition to the physical health benefits, Shushan said the animals can help the environment in other ways, too.

“Animals are good at moving around, which can reduce soil erosion,” he added.

“It can help control the amount and type of pollutants that are released in the atmosphere.”

“It also helps reduce the number of species of plants that are on the land, which will help the climate,” Shuar said.

Shushany added that grazing on land can also help the animals protect their habitat, which, in turn, reduces their impacts on the environment.

“As animals graze the land and take in water from rivers and streams, they also help keep the land healthy and improve the water quality,” Shoshani said.

According to Shukrin, livestock grazing is a natural part of the Israeli agricultural landscape.

“If you can find land that is suitable for cattle and don’t want to let the animals graess on it, then livestock are the only natural way to go,” he explained.

“When the livestock are not on the grazing land, the soil gets contaminated, and the animals are not able to maintain the soil quality,” he told HaNet.

“Therefore, the animals contribute to preserving the soil, which also helps the climate.”

The scientists found that the grazing animals contribute significantly to the local environment, too, especially during the dry season.

“Land that has been cultivated for a long time has a natural capacity to retain carbon,” Shuchani told HaShoah.

“In the agricultural areas, there is a lot of soil that is still very wet.

In such places, the natural carbon in the soil will stay for a very long time.”

Shuchrin added that the main reason that animals contribute so much to the environment is that they have to be able to feed their calves, and they are very sensitive to changes in the climate.

“They can only do so much when they are living in a very harsh environment,” Shuhri explained.

The research has been supported by the Israel Science Foundation.

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