Woman has ‘unscrewed’ pelvis from her body, then removed it again to reveal her new one

Woman has ‘unscrewed’ pelvis from her body, then removed it again to reveal her new one

The pelvis is a unique organ that is not found on most mammals, and it is incredibly sensitive to temperature and movement. 

But scientists at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor have discovered how it is possible to unscrew and expose the pelvis in the lab. 

Their discovery could lead to more efficient surgery, and may eventually lead to cosmetic surgeries to improve the shape and appearance of the pelves of humans and other animals. 

“It’s not like the human body, where the skin is just skin, and the muscle is just bones, and we have no skin,” said Dr. Elizabeth O’Brien, lead author of the study published in the Journal of Anatomy.

“This is a special organ that actually has a much more complex relationship with the body, and its very difficult to understand how that comes together.”

O’Brien and her team, led by the University’s Dr. James Kostin, developed a device that they say will make it possible to screw the pelvises of living primates, such as primates, elephants, and chimpanzees.

The researchers use an electromechanical device, which is a tiny electric current that runs through a tiny metal tube attached to the body. 

When the current passes through, it moves a wire to a tiny hole in the body’s skin, where it connects with a tiny magnetic device. 

Using this device, they can unscrew the top of the animal’s pelvis and expose a different part of the anatomy, which they call the hairline fracture. 

They also found that the procedure can be done safely and successfully, and that they were able to get the results with the animals intact. 

What is the hair line fracture?

The hairline is a large, flexible muscle that runs down the length of the back of the human neck.

The muscles that make up the hair can become damaged if they are not stretched and flexed.

This can lead to pain and discomfort for the wearer of a harness, which can lead people to have hairline fractures. 

One of the main ways that primates can get this type of fracture is by having their tail clipped.

But cutting the tail causes additional pain and can be very painful. 

To make surgery more humane, the researchers devised a surgical tool that would allow them to pull the tail and make the skin on the skin exposed a bit thicker. 

How they found this out, however, was by using the power of their lab equipment, which uses electromagnetic fields to pull tiny wires through a metal tube to create a magnetic field that causes the wires to travel in a straight line. 

The researchers say that the technique is also safe.

They used an MRI to scan the animals, and found that they had healthy hairline breaks, and no signs of trauma.

The device is only attached to a piece of skin that was already exposed, and they don’t expect the human patient to be harmed. 

Dr. Kostan said that if the researchers could do it successfully, it would be possible to repair the damaged areas with surgery.

“This is something we would definitely consider for human use,” he said. 

While the researchers were able with the small animal, they are still trying to find a suitable animal that would be suitable for human patients. 

So far, they have used a small goat, which produces small holes in the skin of the scalp that can be used to inject a drug. 

For now, they say that they are only using the tool to pull hairline breakers out of the skin, not to make the hair on the body completely bald. 

If the device can be improved, they could eventually be able to remove hairline cracks and improve the appearance of skin. 

More to come…

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