Bird pelvis tattoo Woman who got pelvis tattoos sued

Bird pelvis tattoo Woman who got pelvis tattoos sued

Pelvis tattoo artist Angelica Carranza claims that she was raped by an unknown man while on a job and that she lost the penis after a botched surgery.

Carranze sued the tattoo artist in January and claims she was the victim of a “nightmare” and a “vast conspiracy” to frame her for a felony.

In court papers, Carranzas lawyer said she suffered “mental trauma, permanent disability, loss of liberty, pain, suffering and loss of dignity” after she underwent a botched pelvis procedure in June 2016.

She says that after a court appearance, the man who raped her told her she could not go back to work because he did not want to have any further contact with her, but that she could get the tattoo.

The woman, who has not been identified, was allegedly forced to have sex with a male accomplice during the operation.

She said she later learned that the man was an undercover police officer who had been hired to cover her tracks.

The police officer is being tried as an adult in federal court in Los Angeles.

The man is now in custody and is being prosecuted for violating the False Claims Act.

Prosecutors allege that Carranzo was threatened by the undercover police man and that he told her that he could not take her to the police station to be photographed because she was a suspect in a crime.

Carronas lawyer says she did not know the undercover officer was an FBI agent, but told a jury that he had told her he was an officer in the California Highway Patrol and that there were more than two dozen officers from the department, including the one who paid for her pelvis surgery.

The Los Angeles County district attorney’s office declined to comment.

Carrano’s lawsuit says that a judge dismissed a motion by the tattoo shop to dismiss the criminal charges, but it still seeks unspecified damages for pain and suffering.

The tattoo shop is not named in the lawsuit, and Carranzes attorney declined to say if he was representing her.

The New York Times reported in December that Carrano, a former police officer, had an affair with a fellow cop who was working undercover in her city.

She then sued that cop and the other undercover officer.

The two men have been charged with multiple felonies including extortion, obstruction of justice, and assault.

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