Why don’t women wear dresses?

Why don’t women wear dresses?

I have a problem with dresses, and it has to do with the fact that they are a fashion statement and not something that a woman should wear on a regular basis.

I do not think women should dress up in a dress on a daily basis, because we’re still a species that wants to maintain the social status quo and dress as if we were in the prime of our lives.

The idea of wearing a dress for a dress party is not only a cultural taboo but it’s a fashion faux pas that we don’t want to be reminded of in public.

But why do we have to have to wear dresses in public?

Why not just dress in our clothes?

Why can’t we just get along without the dress?

I’m not saying it’s OK for a man to wear a dress to a dinner party, but if I was the party host, I would be less likely to invite a man dressed as a man and I would probably also be less inclined to have dinner parties where there are lots of men wearing dresses.

So, why do women have to dress up to be attractive to men?

This isn’t an issue that comes up when a man or a woman has a drink or a date.

I would imagine that the women in my circle of friends would be able to understand why I would want to avoid dressing up for the occasion.

Why do we need to wear costumes?

I am a huge fan of the classic Disney princesses and the princess costumes that we all grew up with, but there are also lots of other modern Disney characters that are out there and I like to imagine what it would be like if they wore dresses.

It would be different, it would not be as natural, it wouldn’t be as cute, it might not be something that we could have in our closet anymore.

But if we have a dress rehearsal in the fall, and the guests are wearing dresses, we can always wear them.

Why not wear a skirt?

Why don´t we just wear a mini skirt?

We’re still in the phase of being taught that wearing a skirt is not normal and it is something that is a “man thing”.

But if you can just wear whatever you want, and you don’t have to worry about the negative connotations of wearing dresses in the future, why are we still having to wear clothes when we go to the beach?

Do we really need to have a beach party every week?

Do women want to wear their best clothes and wear them in public every week, and not just have a party when we’re home?

I think it’s time to make the decision to stop wearing dresses and start wearing dresses to a party, because at this point, it’s just not something we need.

What do you think?

Share your thoughts below!

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